Tucker Carlson finds unlikely ally in Gen Z after rant on today’s workplace

Tucker Carlson, the far-right former Fox news host known for his incendiary takes, might have actually made himself the darling of liberal Gen Zers. During a recent appearance on comedian Theo Von’s “This...

Gen Zer rant about 10-hour day required to commute goes viral

A TikTok video of a young woman complaining about her work-life balance after getting her first 9-to-5 position after college—described as “Gen Z girl finds out what a real job is like” in...

Gen Z has side hustles because they fear layoffs

Moonlighting used to be considered a sign of poor financial planning, an admission that one’s current salary wasn’t enough to live off of. Or perhaps it was and had just been squandered on...

Boomers vs. Gen Z on what it takes to feel ‘wealthy’

But different generations have vastly different ideas of what wealth really means, per a survey of 3,000 active investors (and 1,000 aspiring ones) by U.S. Bank that zeroed in on the oldest and...

L’Oreal plans to kill single-use plastic to solve Gen Z’s biggest issue

L’Oréal is betting big on the future of sustainability. It hopes young workers are paying attention.  The France-based cosmetics giant is the founding donor of The Recycling Partnership’s recently launched Small Town Access Fund...

Gen Z and millennials are ditching restaurants to save money

Sticker shock is showing no signs of receding.  Sixty-four percent of U.S. adults said they’re “very concerned” about inflation and its impact on their household finances, per a new Morning Consult survey of 2,210...

Millennials, not Gen Z, are fueling the Great Resignation

About two-thirds of bosses say millennials has the highest churn rate in their companies, according to a survey of 72 executives whose firms employ about 400,000 staff. Read More Source link

Tinder CEO Renate Nyborg is reimagining the dating app for women, LGBTQ+ people, and Gen Z

Tinder makes up 56% of parent Match Group's $3 billion revenue. Read More Source link

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