TikTok sues Montana over its ban against the video app

Social media company TikTok filed a lawsuit Monday seeking to overturn Montana’s first-in-the-nation ban on the video sharing app, arguing the law is an unconstitutional violation of free speech rights and is based on “unfounded...

Irate TikTokers sue to lift Montana's new first-in-nation ban of the app, saying it violates their free speech rights

Some lawmakers are concerned the video-sharing app could be used to allow the Chinese government to access information on U.S. citizens. Read More Source link

Elon Musk wants to offer Americans an ‘everything app’ like China’s WeChat. One hurdle? Habits

Elon Musk has a penchant for the letter “X.” He calls his son with the singer Grimes, whose actual name is a collection of letters and symbols, “X.” He named the company he...

A-Rod-backed sports betting app Mojo wants to let you bet on athletes like stocks

The new sports betting app plans to stand out amongst the crowd with a stock market for athletes. Read More Source link

Tinder CEO Renate Nyborg is reimagining the dating app for women, LGBTQ+ people, and Gen Z

Tinder makes up 56% of parent Match Group's $3 billion revenue. Read More Source link

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