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2023 was filled with plenty of milestones here at Camille Styles. From the launch of our new site design to celebrating one year of Casa Zuma, there’s been an abundance of inspiration. I’m sure that I don’t speak only for myself when I say that experimenting in the kitchen is a place where I can always discover adventure. For that reason, we’re sharing 2023’s best recipes to provide some culinary inspiration as we enter 2024. These are so good, we’ll definitely be making them for years to come.

Our 2023 Best Recipes—Vibrant Salads, Zingy Cocktails, and More

Our top 15 recipes include bright colors and bold flavors—from citrusy cocktails to nourishing salads, you’ll want to bookmark these. We hope that 2023 brought you just as much joy in the kitchen as these recipes have brought us—cheers to a new year of delicious eating.

Salty Dog Cocktail

Why We Love It: Our most popular recipe of the year (and for good reason), this vodka cocktail is always a crowd-pleaser. With a salted rim, tangy grapefruit juice, and the perfect bit of fizz from sparkling water, it’s a balanced bev while still bringing a bit of boozy.

Hero Ingredient: You can’t make a salty dog without fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice.

simple green salad from via carota

Simple Green Salad Inspired By Via Carota

Why We Love It: Simplicity is the key to this all-time favorite salad from Via Carota in NYC. Crunchy romaine is the green machine, paired with Camille’s out-of-this-world shallot vinegarette. Top with nuts for texture or creamy feta for richness.

Hero Ingredient: Dijon mustard is what makes this vinaigrette so addictive.

green salad with sesame dressing_2023 best recipes

Green Salad With Sesame Dressing

Why We Love It: Salads are so much more than a side, and this recipe proves exactly that. With a sesame dressing that calls for tahini as its main player, it’s hard to resist gobbling the bowl down in one sitting. Bulk it up with grilled chicken or fish, or simply serve alongside your favorite main.

Hero Ingredient: Pistachios are an elite salad topping—change my mind.

healthy oatmeal cookies

Healthy Oatmeal Cookies

Why We Love It: This year saw me opting for desserts with nourishing ingredients. These healthy oatmeal cookies inspired me to be a bit more intentional with what I’m putting in my recipes. Whole wheat flour and old-fashioned oats act as complex carbs that allow these cookies to fuel your day in a nutrient-packed (and totally delish) way.

Hero Ingredient: Coconut flakes are a must-have ingredient to enhance these cookies’ texture.

Limoncello spritz cocktail.

Limoncello Spritz

Why We Love It: 2023 was definitely the year of the spritz. For the non-Aperol fans out there, this limoncello spritz is a total win for any spring or summer gathering. With a bit of bubbly, a pinch of lemon juice, and sparkling water, this drink gets better with every sip.

Hero Ingredient: Hellooooo limoncello.

vegetarian lentil chili

Vegetarian Lentil Chili

Why We Love It: This vegetarian chili is a winner for the winter months without all the effort that traditional chili requires. Filled with warming spices like cumin, coriander, and paprika, it’s packed with flavor and nutrients.

Hero Ingredient: If you haven’t dabbled in cooking lentils, now is your time.

Peach oatmeal bake.

Spiced Peach and Pecan Baked Oatmeal

Why We Love It: I may be biased, but this baked oatmeal was the breakfast recipe I had on repeat all of 2023. Spiced peaches have become a newfound favorite of mine with their sweet and savory flavor. Throw that altogether in a hearty oatmeal bake, and you may just become a morning person.

Hero Ingredient: I prefer fresh peaches in this dish, but frozen will do in a pinch.

lemony spring pasta salad_2023 best recipes

Lemony Spring Pasta Salad

Why We Love It: Possibly my favorite internet craze of 2023 was pasta salad—and this springy version is, without a doubt, the most elite variation. With rich parmesan and crunchy arugula, it’s hard to meal prep something that tastes so good.

Hero Ingredient: Liberal amounts of lemon make this pasta bright and zesty—and makes me ready for spring…

orange carrot cake_2023 best recipes

Orange Carrot Cake

Why We Love It: There’s nothing not to love about this carrot cake. The secret ingredient? The orange extract brightens up this light and fluffy cake. (And the cream cheese frosting is simply on another level.)

Hero Ingredient: Orange extract… need I say more?

zucchini pasta

Zucchini Pasta

Why We Love It: This recipe was the pasta dish of the summer for more than one reason. Bright lemon flavors and nutty toppings pair incredibly well with a variety of seasonal squashes. Garnish with fresh mint or basil for both an aesthetic and tasty touch.

Hero Ingredient: Zucchini is highly underrated.

cinnamon baked apples_2023 best recipes

Cinnamon Baked Apples

Why We Love It: Light desserts were a hit in 2023, and these baked apples are no exception. Pair with crunchy granola and a dollop of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream for a touch of additional sweetness. Trust me—these are some of those hard-to-resist dishes you’ll never regret making.

Hero Ingredient: Honeycrisp apples are my personal favorite.

Tortellini soup recipe.

Tortellini Soup

Why We Love It: When fall came around this year, this tortellini soup recipe may have been my most-cooked recipe. (Though, when it comes to soup season, it’s hard to resist indulging for every meal.) Packed with nutrient-dense veggies, it’s far more than just a side dish.

Hero Ingredient: Roasted red peppers are the secret trick.

ricotta board with pears_2023 best recipes

Ricotta Board with Pears and Pistachios

Why We Love It: Charcuterie can sometimes become overly complicated when you’re involving a multitude of ingredients—but it doesn’t have to be such a hassle. With a simple appetizer like this ricotta board with fresh pears and crunchy pistachios, hosting will be easier than ever.

Hero Ingredient: I’m a ricotta lover till death.

pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Why We Love It: PSL season or not—these pumpkin cookies are a year-round favorite. With chopped dark chocolate and a bit of flaky salt, they’re not overly sweet but totally satisfying with every bite.

Hero Ingredient: Pumpkin puree is the hero of these cookies.

gingersnap pumpkin pie_2023 best recipes

Gingersnap Pumpkin Pie

Why We Love It: Last, but certainly not least, this gingersnap pumpkin pie is arguably the best variation of this classic holiday dish. Spicy, creamy, and surrounded by a candy-like crust, it has practically everything you could ask for in a pie.

Hero Ingredient: Gingersnaps for the win!


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