The Best Motivational Podcasts to Get You Ready for 2024


I’ve found myself in enough funks throughout my life that I now have a clear action plan to get me through. First, I wallow. While past wisdom may have once told us to push through the uncomfortable feelings, it’s so important to give ourselves space and time to acknowledge our emotions. And then lean into them! Our emotions are information, helping us better understand our needs. From there, you’re better equipped to make supportive, growth-oriented choices. I like to journal, go for a long walk, and listen to the best motivational podcasts. On repeat.

Podcasts have a beautiful way of connecting us to others and building communities around the very real struggles and challenges we all experience. And even if you’re listening to an episode that’s years old, the best motivational podcasts speak to what you need in the present moment unfolding right now.

The Best Motivational Podcasts to Get You Ready for 2024

Unless we’re on very different sides of Instagram, I’m sure your feeds are serving up similar New Year, New You-esque content. And while the best motivational podcasts can support you in changing your life in 2024, I’d encourage you to switch up your mindset. Instead of blindly pursuing change, try inviting novelty. This simple shift allows you to approach New Year’s intentions with self-compassion and an excitement for what 2024 promises to bring.

Feeling energized and ready for all that’s in store for you in the next year and beyond? Same. Alongside creating your vision board and committing to healthy habits, press play to the best motivational podcasts ahead. Trust me, you’re going to feel beyond inspired.

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her

No list of self-help, motivational podcasts is complete without Lauryn and Michael Bosstick’s influential show. As the founders behind Dear Media, Michael and Lauryn are not only podcast pros but business visionaries with endless insights to share. But despite their expertise and experience, the duo remains humble and curious, interviewing thought leaders on everything from cutting-edge skincare to game-changing habit shifts.

Start here: Upgrade Your Life: Lauryn’s Specific Routines, Habits, & Hacks

The Mel Robbins Podcast

The amazing thing about Mel Robbins (among the countless amazing traits I can associate with the author and podcast host), is her gift for speaking across generations, backgrounds, and genders. All the wisdom Robbins shares in her popular podcast can apply to everyone, no matter where you are in life. Her episodes are not only steeped in science, but also feature personal anecdotes and reflections that give shape to her profound advice. You’ll step away from each episode feeling recharged—and you like you just had tea with a good friend.

Start here: Boost Your Success in 2024: My Best Advice on Business, Time Management, and Reinvention

Sami Bernstein Spalter working at desk.

Under the Influence

Whitney Eckis, serial founder, entrepreneur, and podcast host chats all things business, personal growth, and influence in this motivating listen. “Influence” is a term used so frequently in our culture today, but it’s oftentimes a buzzword without much depth. Eckis dives deep into the concept, speaking with founders and leaders who have applied influence in their success. She offers a refreshing take on topics like manifestation, mindset, and building a meaningful brand.

Start here: Scripting Manifestation: How To Write Your Dream Life

Life with Marianna

Half of the duo behind one of our favorite beauty brands, Summer Fridays, Marianna Hewitt has long been known throughout media and beyond for being a leading voice across industries. In her podcast, she shares captivating expertise and takes on beauty, style, wellness, and business. Marianna engages influencers, founders, and experts in thought-provoking conversations while also hopping on the mic for inspiring solo episodes. She’s a joy to listen to (seriously, her voice is so calming) and leaves you feeling like there’s nothing you can’t do.

Start here: Solo Episode: Strategies for Effective Goal Setting, Vision Boards and Healthy Habits for the New Year 2024

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The Professional Homegirl

It’s true what they say: everyone has a story. And on The Professional Homegirl, women have the opportunity to speak candidly and openly about their experiences. Each episode highlights an anonymous guest’s story—from addiction to generational trauma to deeply complex relationship dynamics—to show the breadth of experience and context women of color live through. The podcast is a beautiful tribute to these women’s challenges while also being a celebration of the inspiring lives they’ve built.

Start here: My Journey to Sobriety

The Dream Bigger Podcast

Arrae is one of the biggest supplement brands in 2023—and has no plans of slowing down in the new year. Its hero product, Bloat capsules, is widely lauded among health experts and tastemakers alike. In The Dream Bigger Podcast, Arrae’s co-founder, Siff Haider hosts weekly conversations all designed to help you become your best self. Whether you’re focusing on growing your career or business, committing to wellness, or simply wanting to level up in your life, there will always be an episode to support you in exactly that.

Start here: 2024 Glow Up Series, Part 1: Starting Resolutions Now, Workout Split, Abundance Mindset, Easy How To Implement Good Habits & More

Vision board.

Side Hustle Pro

Side Hustle Pro is all about setting you up to scale your business sustainably. Host Nicaila Matthews Okome highlights the journeys of Black female entrepreneurs who have successfully grown their side hustles. Each episode breaks down the actionable steps you can take to get from Point A to Point B. Conversations speak to everything from achieving financial freedom to negotiating your salary. It’s a must-listen for anyone wanting to expand their reach in 2024.

Start here: How To Achieve The Career of Your Dreams And The Salary You Deserve w/ Mandi Woodruff-Santos


Lacy Phillips, founder of To Be Magnetic, is a household name in the wellness world. She’s helped celebrities, influencers, and business leaders alike in manifesting success. (Gwyneth Paltrow’s a fan.) Her work is deeply rooted in psychology and neuroscience. And for skeptics, Phillips’ approach is designed to help people generate new neural pathways and unravel their deep subconscious beliefs. She shares all of this in the Expanded podcast, focusing on the science and psychology behind manifestation. Learn to release fear, build self-awareness, and align with the universe in realizing your best self.

Start here: What Is the Universe Trying to Teach You?: A Lesson on Self-Awareness


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