8 Simple Ways to Bring the Outdoors In


I’ve often said that fall is my favorite season. The first autumn chill always brings a welcome respite from the end-of-summer heat. And, of course, there are the simple joys of cozying up, hunkering down, and preparing your home as a sanctuary and escape from the cold winter weather. But as the years pass, the more I’ve come to appreciate the spring—the sense of renewal and its hopeful energy that calls us to reconnect with the natural world. And when it comes to achieving this outlook in my home and life, nothing makes springtime happiness manifest quite like learning to decorate with nature.

We crave organic textures and the fresh, inspired energy of materials foraged and found. Spring encourages a shift toward elegant ease in everything we do, eat, wear, and welcome into our lives in the warmer months. There’s no better time of year to aim for an effortless aesthetic. That’s why we’ve teamed up with our friends at Haven Well Within—to share exactly how to bring this into your home, your wardrobe, and your entire ethos this spring.

8 Ways to Decorate With Nature and Refresh Your Life This Spring

Along with the sunshine, farmer’s markets, and fresh produce come all the spring essentials to make your home—and your rituals and routines—a source of joy all season long. Haven Well Within offers not only a thoughtful collection of home and lifestyle essentials, but is our trusted resource for products that support our well-being.

Below, we’re sharing our favorite ways to embrace the spring spirit and bring the outdoors into our homes. Use these ideas to create a deeper connection with your home, the natural world, and with yourself. We hope the tips below help guide your intentions throughout this special season.

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Arrange Foraged Branches on the Table

Stylish stems are one of the simplest but most impactful ways to reconnect with nature. Decorative branches arranged in vintage vessels bring an undeniable sense of wabi-sabi to your space. Depending on where you live, you may be able to venture out and clip stems yourself. If not, we recommend sourcing branches from a florist or farmer’s market. Magnolias, forsythia, cherry blossoms, and lilacs are our favorites. Depending on your stems, you’ll want a substantial vase to hold the weight.

Add Fresh Herbs and Edible Flowers to Salads and Cocktails

Spring is defined by fresh flavors, soft colors, and cold beverages. It’s easy to incorporate the season into your every day by featuring herbs and edible flowers in your drinks, snacks, and meals.

We love muddling fresh mint for a tasty mojito or the Kentucky Derby classic, a mint julep. Or add a sprig of rosemary to our go-to this spring: Camille’s Salty Dog cocktail. If it’s a mocktail you’re craving, this Spicy Blackberry Margarita Mocktail isn’t complete without a little fresh basil for garnish.

Cassie Winslow, the author of Floral Provisions and Floral Libations, previously shared with us her favorite edible flowers to use in the kitchen:

  • Roses. They tend to be fragrant and sweet, and some can even lend a pleasant bitterness.
  • Chamomile. These small blooms have an earthy flavor and complexity that reminds me of honey.
  • Lavender. Lavender is lovely and quite perfume-y, so a little goes a long way.
  • Calendula. Calendula petals can be quite subtle in flavor with a slight hint of spice.
  • Hibiscus. I only use hibiscus in its dried form. It has an absolutely stunning color and is very tangy and tart.

A few of our favorite recipes for using edible flowers:

Fill Your Closet With Breathable, Natural Materials

When it comes to staying cool and conquering spring style, selecting looser fits that flatter your figure is key. And as the temperatures warm up, linen and cotton will be your best friends. We love dresses that move with your body throughout the day and that can be taken from school drop-off to happy hour. We’re obsessed with Haven Well Within’s spring collection, full of breath-of-fresh-air fabrics like Tencel and elegant shapes that evoke an artful ease. Yes, even on a work-from-home Wednesday.

Display Citrus Fruits in Bowls on the Kitchen Counter

When you decorate with nature, you find the pieces that create the most impact are simple, everyday objects and ingredients that already play a role in your life. Take citrus fruits. They transform regular water into a refreshing and sweet sipper, are non-negotiable in our favorite salad dressings, and look gorgeous displayed on the kitchen counter. Pair your fruits with an equally beautiful basket that makes for stunning storage.

Diffuse Herbal Essential Oils Throughout the House

Lastly, scent plays a significant role in refreshing your home for spring. And while we love candles, diffusers are longer lasting, scenting your home around the clock. Display a minimalist diffuser on a side table or bookshelf for a calming impact that supports your home’s natural spring décor.


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