The Inspiring Story of Jean Hardy: From Homelessness to Financial Freedom

The world of business is ever-evolving, and entrepreneurs must be able to keep up with the changes in order to succeed. Jean Hardy is a prime example of a successful businessman who has been able to stay ahead of the curve. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Jean has become a leader in the business world and a mentor to many aspiring entrepreneurs.

We recently had the chance to sit down with Jean and ask him a few questions about his business journey and what advice he has for those looking to start their own business.

Q: Tell us your story and what makes you unique.

A: What I’ve gone through is a huge part of where I am today. I got married at 20, and I was a carpenter. I realized the money wouldn’t be enough, so I switched to door to door sales to get more money. It was 2008 at the time, and my wife was pregnant. I was working in California, and she was in Canada, Vancouver, which was hard for me.

Along the way, I got really good at sales. I also learned to take responsibility and accept accountability. Eventually I left California and started working in Telecom in Vancouver, and people realized I’m amazing at sales. Me and 5 other guys made 2.69 million in sales, which was incredible for me at the time.

Q: What type of business do you run?

A: I help business owners set their company up to scale. I do this through mindset coaching, and working on marketing, sales, avatar and offer, systems and processes, leadership and culture brand. 

Q: What motivated you to get started with your business?

A: I just LOVE seeing people succeed in life… I have a ridiculous passion to see people do better. Just as importantly, I believe that God put me on earth to help people in their business and mindset.

Q: What would you say are the biggest challenges when starting a business?

A: Money is easy to make. Mindset is the hardest thing for people.

Q: What inspired you to get into this industry?

A: My passion for seeing people succeed.

Q: How important is mindset when starting your own business?

A: It was the only thing that mattered when starting a business, the ability to change your story around your mindset.

Q: What’s your advice for those trying to start their own business?

A: Start off by getting to know your ideal client and what they want. The best way to make money is to give people solutions to their problems that they can’t find themselves.

Q: What does fear mean to you?

A: Fear is the unknown, something outside of your comfort zone.

Q: What are your next projects?

A: I’ve moved on from one-on-one coaching with people and companies in person to helping people online. I’ve built a powerful course that will help with mindset and business principles that will guide anyone with a skill towards massive profits. I also have my mastermind group.

Jean Hardy is a true inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs. His journey has been both challenging and successful, and his passion for helping others succeed is admirable. If you wish to follow Jean, check out his Instagram at @jlouishardy.

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