Oscar Stone Representing the Modern American Dream

Oscar Stone, a Gemologist and business owner, took on his family’s jewelry business. Originally his family was in the gold industry, but Oscar took it further, pursuing gemology. He is accredited by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)–which certified his knowledge in gems, but more importantly diamonds. This additional skill set allowed Oscar to pursue more money within an already established business. He hit success not only because he added value to his business, but because he cares about what his customers want.

Oscar Stone’s jewelry is unique in that it is bespoke jewelry. He customizes everything to the customer’s liking which makes for beautiful jewelry that speaks volumes about the person wearing it. Oscar takes pride in creating pieces that meet his clients’ visions. He “ensures a seamless transition from fantasy to reality” for his clients. He does this by truly understanding not only the customer, but the business as well: “Truly learn [how] to sell your product or service. Not only do you need to understand the tangible product but you need to understand the culture of the industry.” He said.

Understanding the culture of the industry has come easy for Oscar. His parents immigrated to the United States in the 1980s. It was then that they started this family business. Oscar had the benefit of being fully immersed in the business of jewelry since he was a young child, picking up the ins and outs of the industry. That’s not to say that he stopped there. Oscar Stone is a motivated individual. He describes himself as someone who has “several intense conversations with myself, my father, and my team on a daily basis to keep my mind growing,” he said.

He continues to grow and push himself, and it’s not just for the money. Money is, of course, one reason–but he has learned so much about the industry and the customer because he cares about people. Personal success, to him, means “being able to help those less fortunate [than] you.” He said. He looks forward to pursuing philanthropy one day. First, though, he’s focused on expanding his business. He will be opening a large retail store–to add to the already established stores throughout New York City. He’ll be doing it the same way he always has–persistently and honestly. 

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