41 Unique Gifts for Readers of All Types


It’s easy to know if someone is a book lover. And that’s because readers love to talk about reading. (I should know.) No matter if your bibliophile friend gets reccos from #booktok, Amazon reviews, or an actual librarian, they are always going to appreciate a gift that fuels their bookworm passions. Lucky for you, I am a Real Life Reader so I’ve got preeeetty good insight to help you find the best gifts for readers.

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41 Unique Gifts For Readers

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Gifts For Jane Austen Fans

For the reader who just wants to escape to Pemberly, there’s an entire subset of the internet related to Jane Austen gifts. But you don’t need to comb through in search of the very best—because I did that for you.

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Gifts That Support Local Bookstores and Small Businesses

If Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail taught us anything, it’s that local bookstores need our business. Find your own “shop around the corner” or select a gift from our favorite small businesses and bookstores below.

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Gifts For The Ideal Reading Moment

Readers can read anywhere. However, that perfect reading moment just makes the experience all the more magical. These are the cozy accessories your reader will love.

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Gifts For Readers Who Are Also Writers

The fastest way to become a better writer is to read more often. For those who write as many words as they consume, these gifts will elevate the entire experience.

Gifts For Readers: Found on Amazon

For book lovers everywhere, Amazon is where it’s at. The gadgets and accessories are unending—these are our top picks.

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Gifts For Library Lovers

There’s something magical about a library. Help them bring the feeling home with these nostalgic gifts.

Gifts to Keep Your Spot

Every reader needs a bookmark because NO they will NOT fold that page. Go custom or stylish and show ’em you’ve got their books’ interests in mind.

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Gifts For Readers Anytime

For the reader who doesn’t fit into a category, never fear. These classic gifts are perfect anytime, anywhere, and for nearly everyone.


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