Corina Curatola is in Business not for the Profit, but for the Lasting Impact She Will Have on Our World

Corina Curatola is an entrepreneur who started out wanting to find herself and through the journey of personal development was able to take people along the way.

Corina Curatola is a businesswoman; she is partnered with an educational platform called IM Mastery Academy where she teaches financial literacy : “We teach people how they can get involved in forex, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, as well as metaverse, staking, yield farming, NFTs, ALT coins, and DEFI.” Curatola says. The goal of IM Mastery Academy is to assist its clients in creating wealth, so they can then fund their life  endeavors. “We are the world’s largest online academy that has streamlined a platform into 4 easy steps where someone can come in and become self-sufficient in whichever field they decide to focus on.” Curatola says.

If they don’t have the means to invest, IM Mastery Academy has network marketing opportunities available for those looking to make an income. Then, they can invest the money they make through network marketing so they can change their career paths and ultimately change their lives. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Curatola loves what she does because it helps people live out their dreams.

For Corina Curatola, “Success means IMPACT. ‘People over profits’ is what I live by. I do not care for a million dollars in my bank account as much as I care for a million people at my funeral because I have left an impact on their lives.” The money is just a bonus. When she met her husband, he was a self-made millionaire, and had no qualms about taking care of his wife; however, Curatola didn’t want to be a stay-at-home mom. She knew from her bartending years that she loved to be in service to others. She also wanted to break her family’s generational tradition of mothers relying on their husbands.

Corina Curatola set out to be a role model for her daughter, and she’s making it happen. Not only does Curatola teach people how to invest and make money, but she mentors new found entrepreneurs. She stresses the importance of mindset to her mentees: “There is no success without the ability to see it first in your mind,” she says. It’s about believing in yourself and changing your thoughts and emotions.

“Our life is just a collection of our decisions that over time formulate our habits which then create our life. To change the reality we’re currently living, we need to be able to go back to the drawing board, question everything we have been taught [so] far, and figure out what has truly made an impact on successful people so we can begin to emulate their habits.” Curatola says.

When people change for the better, the world changes for the better. “The best thing you can do for people is to work on you and the best thing anyone can do for you is work on themselves.” She says.

Corina Curatola is changing the world one mentor session at a time. She’s even setting her sights on other business endeavors, like fashion. “We started working on a luxury streetwear line for adults and kids called ANIM where we will partner with non-profit organizations to donate a percentage of the profits.” Curatola says. She looks to the horizon for more and more opportunities to serve the people and communities that surround her.

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