Rick Mirza, Business Owner and Investor, Invests in Companies that Make a Difference in the World

Serial entrepreneur, Rick Mirza, has been in business since the ripe young age of ten years old. He started a landscaping business when he was a kid and never looked back. Today, he is the owner and/ or CEO of several companies. 

Rick Mirza has the business acumen needed to succeed. He established Daulat because he saw what was right under his nose: a great business opportunity. “I realized that my background in starting companies, combined with my access to global investors, was in itself a business opportunity. While I was doing this for myself, I saw opportunities for investors to support other well-run, innovative businesses,” Mirza said. “That’s when Daulat took shape.” 

Daulat is a private equity firm. Mirza funds start-ups or even already-established companies through Daulat. Mirza has changed how investors identify growth opportunities and how businesses reward them through his work at Daulat. Mirza has created ways to pair investors with growing businesses both strategically and smoothly.

“Just like vinyl records, some are valued at only a few dollars while others can fetch you thousands. As an entrepreneur, it is important to know the value of a business and also when and how you can turn a great profit from it,” Mirza says. 

Daulat has locations throughout the world. Investing in start-ups is what Rick Mirza loves; it’s how he makes an impact in the world. What all of his business endeavors have in common is that they solve problems while also creating a profit keeping customers, business owners, and investors happy. 

Rick Mirza got started in business because he wanted to make a difference in the world. He invests in start-ups that he believes in. “I wanted more from my life than a college education and mediocre opportunities,” he says. Mirza has his hard work and perseverance to thank.

Mirza has truly always had the entrepreneurial spirit in him. He’s different from other business people in that he “Lives, eats and breathes the brands that he represents. [It’s] not just a career,” he says. It’s a lifestyle for Mirza. That’s why Rick Mirza invests his time and money into businesses he cares about. He leads or partners in over a dozen companies and he’s the consulting investor in even more. He’s the director of charitable organizations like HOPE and PakTech.

Rick Mirza has even impacted people on an individual basis. He’s on YouTube, Instagram, and podcasts. He did multiple interviews on how small businesses can survive the pandemic. His slogan, “cash is king,” helped businesses focus on small things that kept their businesses going. Rick Mirza has even written 3 books: 10 Things NOT to Invest in America10 Things to Invest in America; and The Intelligent Foreign Investor’s Guide to Investing in America. 

Rick Mirza set his sights on the horizon, where he wants to take his solar company nationwide. He wants to expand his real estate business into the up-and-coming new market. He takes his own advice as he journeys on: “I cherish the gift of waking up each morning and being given the chance to make each new day count. Seize each day with gratitude in your heart, try to avoid the mistakes made yesterday, and push yourself towards accomplishing the next milestone,” Mirza says.

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