First Generation Iranian-American, Dr. Ehsan Sadri, on a Mission to Create a World Filled with People with Clear Visions

According to the World Vision Report published by the World Health Organization on October 8, 2019, more than 2.2 billion people worldwide have some form of vision impairment. Of these cases, one billion could have been prevented or were unaddressed. However, things are about to change as eyes specialist Dr. Ehsan Sadri is on a mission to help people improve their eyesight, no matter the condition.

First in his family to attend medical school, Dr. Sadri is breaking new ground for Iranian Americans. He has worked as a laser eye surgeon in Newport Beach, California, since 2004, and he is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology. During the height of the pandemic, he also co-founded Visionary Ventures to aid new ophthalmology businesses developing ground-breaking treatments for their patients.

Dr. Sadri has always had a deep interest in vision, and he finds his work with patients to be personally rewarding. He said of his career and practice, “I’m always fascinated by how to make patients see better and have the best experience.” His interest in technology developed during his years of practice, and this inspired his plan to help establish a venture capital fund in 2020.

Dr. Sadri and his colleagues use his extensive experience in the field to shape the future of ophthalmology by investing in startups that address unmet patient needs and technological gaps. His original motivation to help patients who had lost their sight blossomed into an initiative that will benefit many more people than just those who visit his clinic. 

The vision expert has earned a stellar reputation as a pioneer in his field. Due to his extensive experience, he is able to teach other eye surgeons about techniques for preserving and correcting sight. Dr. Sadri is a frequent speaker at ophthalmology conferences. He also dedicates his time to promoting cutting-edge methods for treating eye disease. 

Creating Visionary Ventures was not without its difficulties. Capital constraints were a problem for Dr. Sadri and his colleagues because they began their venture soon after the pandemic. Their determination and positive mindset is what helped them succeed.  For Dr. Sadri, the only competition he has in the industry is himself. He says, “I think it’s more important to compete against oneself than anyone else. Kaizen, which can be translated as the relentless pursuit of excellence, is a fantastic Japanese concept. This means getting better at everything you do, even the little things, every day.”

Self-improvement and self-help are causes that Dr. Sadri strongly supports. His outlook on life is always sunny, and he thinks dedication and enthusiasm are the keys to success. Having this outlook is what has carried him through life and allowed him to improve himself over and over again. Despite his success with Visionary Ventures, Dr. Sadri has other initiatives in the works to promote healthy eyesight. One of those goals is increasing his offerings for the treatment of eye diseases. Sunglasses, eyelid creams, and blue-blocking glasses are a few of these products.

Dr. Ehsan Sadri is a firm believer in the “lunchbox mentality.” It is the idea that you should force yourself to face your fears and pursue your dreams despite the potential downsides. So, if you’re thinking of starting a business, his advice for you is to believe in yourself, in your vision, and to make sure you have a great team assembled to help execute your vision.

Follow Dr. Sadri on Instagram at @DrEhsanSadri to stay up to date with his latest endeavors.

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