Keeno Shaun Paul Wright astonishes everyone in the Canadian music scene with his euphonic sound that satisfies souls

His immense love and passion for music can be known by the incredible work he has been doing as a true-blue music artist.

Having the vision to attain specific goals and aspirations in life is one thing, but to have the courage to walk on unconventional paths, take challenges head-on, overcome them, hustle and learn each day, and spare no effort in turning those visions into a reality stands as a different game altogether. All those belonging to the latter category are those that have surrendered to their dreams and chased their goals in life to stamp a prominent name of theirs in their respective industries. So many such talented beings have been on a constant rise in the world of music, which already is an overly competitive industry, but a handful of them prove to the world how relying on one’s innate music skills and honesty in one’s craft can help people attain success, just like Keeno Shaun Paul Wright did as a true-blue music artist.

It won’t be wrong to say that Keeno Shaun Paul Wright has developed a distinct fan and follower base for himself across social media and shows great promise as a music artist to take over major streaming platforms of the world as well with his discography in the near future. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Keeno Shaun Paul Wright has now made Canada his base to up his game in the Canadian music scene. By 14 years, he had moved to Canada to create a career of his choice in music and since then has only focused his energies in bettering his craft as a self-taught music talent, taking inspiration from BET and falling in love with the hip-hop genre.

In 2013, the young talent started posting his musical clips on social media, first on Vine, which earned him enormous love and recognition from listeners and music lovers as his videos went viral, creating a massive buzz on social media. Later, he switched to Instagram, and now his community has grown extensively, reaching over 60K followers. Keeno Shaun Paul Wright’s debut song, “Famous,” is now doing exceedingly well on social media and gaining immense love from audiences.

He wants to continue creating this buzz with his music and continue winning hearts.

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