Real Estate Gurus Eli and Mike Are Out and Proud, and It Shows

It’s about time LGBTQ+ representation happens in business. Eli and Mike think so too–which is why they are gay and proud in thier business ventures. Eli and Mike are business partners–and they’re getting married! They’ve worked together for years and have been together for over a decade. Sometimes your best business partner is already by your side. 

Eli and Mike own E&M Real Estate Services Inc. which is made up of a 22+ person team. Eli is the co-owner of The Mortgage Guys. The two companies work in tandem. Together, Eli and Mike create an unforgettable experience in buying and selling real estate for their clients. It’s no surprise they create an unforgettable experience, as together they have almost 30 years of experience in the field. What’s special about them is that Eli and Mike are unapologetically themselves and that’s something anyone can appreciate (not just folks in the LGBTQ+ community).

Being themselves has created representation of the queer community in real estate, but more importantly in business as a whole. Some clients just want to know they are working with a company that understands who they are–and that’s something Eli and Mike can give on top of their expert experience in real estate and lending. Eli and Mike realize the importance of representation which is why they have also established a mentoring program to support budding entrepreneurs–especially those part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Eli and Mike got to where they are today in part due to mindset. When asked how mindset plays a role in their success they said, “It’s everything. [It] means going up against all types of conflicts, including haters…” Not only have they had to endure discrimination, but they both come from poverty-stricken backgrounds. It hasn’t been easy for them, but they have had each other, and now they are fathers of two beautiful teenagers on top of successful business owners.

As they work hard in their businesses, Eli Delgado and Mike Vizcarra are striving for Instagram credibility (via the blue check mark) and they want to perfect their brand. It is these small things that will have a big impact on their business as a whole. They’re looking to attract more clients, specifically celebrities. They know their worth and know they can get there. They are already getting opportunities in many industries outside of real estate (like fashion) due to their continued success and perseverance. Eli and Mike are truly making it happen just from being themselves.

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