Bryan Gorrita Gets Real About Entrepreneurship

Everyone is on social media proclaiming their entrepreneurship – usually leaning on their newly acquired sports car, or flipping their hair back as they walk down the street in luxury items. Bryan Gorrita tells it to us straight, explaining that being an entrepreneur isn’t all glitz and glamor.

Bryan Gorrita runs multiple businesses: a high-end luxury real estate team, BAR Agency, and FITPRO Agency. He does a good portion of public speaking, too. BAR Agency and FITPRO Agency help identify, develop and expand clients’ business and professional brands. But Bryan’s true passion is in real estate.

Gorrita started as a real estate agent and then just a couple of years later, he became a broker. He saw a growing need in Miami, Florida, where he lives. “[I realized] the massive unmet need in the luxury and commercial real estate market in Miami due to the influx people/corporations moving to south Florida that needed a broker that was well versed in the market,” Gorrita says.

Bryan Gorrita’s team has met that need in Miami, and they do a great job. They stand out: “We make it easy,” as their slogan says. “We provide white glove concierge service for our clients within the real estate space. We are known for making very smooth and efficient transactions possible in complex multi-layered environments,” Gorrita says. That’s quite the claim in real estate. If you’ve ever bought a house, you know how quickly a transaction can go south. A great real estate team behind your purchase is invaluable.

Bryan Gorrita knew he could do real estate a little differently, but he also wanted “to provide value and to leave my clients better than when I found them,” he says. He initially became interested in real estate because he wanted “to gain control of life and not become a cog in the wheel of society. I also wanted to change the standards of my family and friends by breaking limiting beliefs in myself to show others that they too have the power to change their lives if they chose to,” he says.

Bryan Gorrita knows all too well what it’s like to struggle. It was just before he graduated with his undergraduate degree that the house he and his family were renting was sold. They were forced to leave and were split up, living at close friends’ or relatives’ houses. “While sleeping in my friend’s garage, I made a personal declaration to myself that I nor my family will never be placed in this situation ever again as long as I live,” Gorrita says.

That’s when he decided to become an entrepreneur and get involved in the real estate business. Gorrita watched his father work hard at being an entrepreneur, so he knew it wasn’t going to be easy. “I realized very early on that in order to earn the right to be called an entrepreneur you must be willing to personally sacrifice everything to reach your goals,” he says. Not everyone has it in them.

But he wants to change that. Bryan Gorrita’s advice to budding entrepreneurs: “Mindset is everything. It is the difference between making 50k a year to 1 million a year. Many people downplay their mindset and believe that it’s all junk. Before you embark on your journey you must already believe it before you start.” Gorrita even launched a course, that helps entrepreneurs develop their brands so they can make more money. In the future, Bryan Gorrita will focus on real estate syndication, and continue to provide the best services he can at his businesses.

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