Battling all odds and emerging as a true winner in life is what Dr. Sheila’s story is all about.

She has been through life’s pitfalls innumerable times, but that didn’t deter her from going  ahead and making her mark.

Life is definitely not a bed of roses and one has to go through the most difficult times, fighting all odds to emerge as a winner. Those who break down or step back with the fear of facing life’s challenges don’t make it, and lose out early. Those who are determined and willing to fight, pave their path, reaching epitome of success within no time. Such individuals are rare to find, as one requires extreme levels of courage to face the adversities that life keeps throwing at them. These are the people that will eventually end up being glorious. Dr. Sheila is one amongst such courageous human beings who have not broken down, despite life’s worst challenges, kept moving ahead, making a great life for herself.

She is perhaps amongst the few who have experienced difficult times in their personal lives right from their early stages of life. At 16, she had her first child and by the time she was 18, she has three in tow. Imagine a teenager having to deal with children of her own, and on top of that, an abusive relationship which further deteriorated her mental balance. “Losing my father at an early age left a great void which was filled by this relationship, which was not going anywhere. At a young age, I was left facing the most challenging times one would have ever come across,” claims Dr. Sheila.

To build her self-esteem and gain her confidence back, she started reading books. Later she again went through a failed marriage as the man she married did not meet her expectations. Not willing to let life slip out of her hands, she started working on building a career for herself, and soon started a life insurance agency which picked up pace, making life worth living for her again. “My life was fantastic until I was diagnosed with third stage ovarian cancer. This was the biggest setback that I had ever experienced in my life. I decided that I could either lay down, wait on death, fight it out, and I chose the latter,” says the brave woman who went through a series of chemotherapy sessions while writing her book at the same time, with the chemo needle in her left arm and the pen in her right hand. This very book became a bestseller.

She says that she has learned one thing in life which has helped her take giant strides ahead, and that is never giving up and accepting failure. “People around are there to discourage you, but you should be determined to go where you want to, that’s when you will succeed in your endeavors,” says Dr.Sheila in a matter-of-factly manner.

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