The Tox is Doing Something No One Else Is–Addressing your Lymphatic and Digestive Systems in a Convenient and Healthful Way

The Tox is a unique business providing a much-needed service: products and modalities to bolster our lymphatic and digestive systems.

The Tox is a business concept created by a working mom who struggled with digestive health her whole life. She was busy, but she still wanted to feel energized and healthy. What better way is there to feel good than to detox your body? So often we ingest and breathe in unavoidable chemicals; we eat cheat meals too much sometimes, and we often go without sleep. There are so many of us living this way, and we need a truly healthy method to remedy it. Red Bull and water can’t be the only answers.

Essentially, The Tox is a business that provides the Tox Technique. It’s a blend of digestive and lymphatic body movements that detox your full body in just 60 minutes. The Tox Technique rids your body of excess water retention and toxins and ultimately leaves you feeling rejuvenated. It has long-lasting health benefits and leaves you with an overall slimmer appearance. This is what the company has to say about what they do: “It’s a blend of different modalities, set out to detoxify your body from the inside out. We work directly with your lymphatic and digestive system with our manual technique to give you a long-lasting, full-body detox.”

The Tox is the only place like it. Because there is little research and remedy regarding the lymphatic and digestive systems, the Tox has been in great demand. When asked how they differentiate themselves they said this: “There is no one doing exactly what we do. The Tox Technique is our secret sauce. No one has blended the modalities we have to give [for] not only aesthetic results, but long-lasting health benefits.” It’s true. As soon as they opened their first location in Los Angeles, they had hundreds of requests to open more locations in other cities, and they did just that.

In a matter of two years, The Tox grew to 7 different locations in surrounding cities. They now have 11 locations and are opening two more. One will be in Las Vegas and the other will be in Toronto, their first international location. The Tox is growing rapidly and the reason is clear. There is a huge demand for what they do, and they’re doing it well. The Tox has made such an impact, that they even created a product line so people can take advantage of the Tox experience in the comfort of their homes.

If you’re looking to look AND feel great, The Tox is the place for you. It’s convenient and your lymphatic and digestive systems will thank you!

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