Mike “Tate” Tetreault Is Betting On Himself For The Success And Culture Of His Real Estate Business, The Tate Team

While the real estate industry refuses to evolve, talented professionals are left in the dust of privileged baby boomers and Karens, creating roadblocks for a new generation. But Mike “Tate” Tetreault and his brokerage firm, The Tate Team, have had enough and are creating a culture in the real estate industry that is in touch with the needs of today’s society. “The Tate Team is a breath of fresh air in the brokerage universe. My goal is to expand into as many markets as possible, get the conversation going and show the industry modern ways to be successful,” he says.

Tate has always been a creative, free thinker. When it comes to school, peer pressure, authority, or even work, Tate refuses to let anyone box him in. He has always found a way to do what he wants because he knows he can do it better. In 2017, Tate entered the real estate industry as an agent and was incredibly successful. But he couldn’t stand the antiquated business practices of the brokers he worked with. The story with every single one was the same. They were all 55+ AARP brokers clinging to tradition, too afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Since Tate saw the potential to disrupt the current model, he created The Tate Team as his own brokerage and breathed life into the industry.

One big pitfall Tate corrected was how the actual business is run. As an agent, he never saw the need for an office, since most client meetings were held at a property they owned or they were interested in buying. COVID-19 restrictions only validated his ideas, so Tate has made his brokerage 100% virtual. He prides himself on his innovative business practices. Tate doesn’t rely on textbook marketing strategies or desperately beg for business. He knows he can pick and choose his clients. He uses an in-house lead generation system led by the brilliant minds he pays to keep innovating. Tate is always looking for what’s next and figuring out better ways to do things. “My goal has always been, you could take me or any one of our agents, drop us in some random state somewhere where we know nobody, and we could still generate tons of business, no problem,” says Mike “Tate” Tetreault.

Since Tate has such a specific vision, he refuses to let it get compromised by outside influence. The Tate Team is a 100% sole proprietorship business. Tate does not have a business partner or franchise making the rules. He doesn’t have loans or debt, so everything is on him. His name is on the company, so if there are any issues that come up, his agents won’t feel the pressure. He doesn’t mind taking the heat because he has no problems speaking up and taking care of business.

Tate bets on himself and his agents as he takes risks that may not make sense to an outsider, but they always pay off. If his company makes $10,000 in a month, he has no problems reinvesting all of it back into the company, so he can make $12,000 the next month. He kept up that pattern, even though he didn’t make any profit for a while because he knew it would pay off. “I’m always confident with betting on myself, the vision I have, and the agents that work here. The last thing I want is an outside influence with control, trying to dilute the culture I’m building here at The Tate Team,” says Mike “Tate” Tetreault.

In an industry dominated by white adults over 50, Tate is tipping the scales in favor of the younger generation of agents. He is creating a culture of dynamic personalities who understand today’s culture and are ready to give the people what they truly want. You can follow Tate on Instagram @theofficialtate.

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