Suzy Sogoyan Creates a Brand that Promotes Human Connection

Suzy Sogoyan followed her father’s footsteps, but not exactly. They both love jewelry–so much so that they run their jewelry company, IceLink, together. Andy Sogoyan is the founder of IceLink, and now Suzy Sogoyan runs the business, in a much more personal way.

Suzy Sogoyan, a business owner, creates a well-designed collection of jewelry with her father, Andy. There are dainty gold bands studded with diamonds amidst unique designs and big and beautiful pieces with bold gemstones. They have watches that simply speak for themselves. One is a sleek black with six identical faces on it and another is lightly colored with a white dial and rose gold gears behind it. Others have faces with world maps set in the background. Their exquisite line is loved by many, including celebrities.

The jewelry is telling in and of itself. Suzy Sogoyan offers unique designs that are unafraid and different. They often have an Armenian flair to them. Not only does the jewelry stand out, but so does the company. “Success is good and consistent branding. A brand book is KEY.” Suzy said. Suzy dedicates time to defining beliefs and values and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the business. She has created a brand story, set a tone, and designed a (company) look. Through her thoughtful dedication to creating a brand, Suzy has fostered the development of community and connection.

As a young person, Suzy watched her father create jewelry and start a business. She was moved by his entrepreneurial spirit but also loved to watch the people he interacted with. They lit up at the sight of the unique pieces he created. She wanted that too. She loves people–she loves creating connections. That love led to her huge Instagram following where she can connect with hundreds of people daily. Many of them are women who are now part of what she calls “the Suzy squad”. It’s a community of women who are “young, fabulous, and chic–these are hard-working ladies who know their self-worth…always striving to become better versions of themselves.” Suzy said.

Suzy Sogoyan is the ultimate example, and not just for other women. Her dedication to creating a brand speaks to her business acumen. Her brand speaks to what kind of leader she is. IceLink is a company that supports human connections. They donate to charities; they are transparent with their customers. Suzy even encourages customers to provide feedback so she can help her company continue to grow. She encourages women in the Suzy squad to be better versions of themselves, but through her brand, she extends that sentiment to all her customers and even other companies, too.

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