IceLink: A Company with a Brand That Says It All

Family and business. These are two things IceLink does well. Andy Sogyan, the founder of IceLink, found his love for creating jewelry back in the 1970s. When he raised his daughter, Suzy Sgoyan, his entrepreneurial spirit rubbed off on her. She started at IceLink at 16 years old and created a brand.

IceLink is a collection of fine jewelry and watches. Their unique pieces include exquisite necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more. IceLink also has watches that seem to speak for themselves. One is a sleek black with six identical faces, a true standout piece. Another watch is lightly colored. It has a white dial which is set in front of rose gold gears. The jewelry at IceLink has an Armenian flair with many pendants and earrings boasting Armenian symbols, like the eternity symbol.

At IceLink the beauty arises from the unique designs, but also it’s the branding that Suzy Sogoyan has worked hard to develop. “[Creating] a brand book is key.” Suzy said. Both Andy and Suzy worked together to define beliefs and values, identify strengths, design the look they want, and know their audience. These are factors all related to figuring out a brand. Once they had this brand–the rest followed, like giving back to the community. Giving back connects to their beliefs and values, so it was a no-brainer.

Charity work pays off, too. Customers feel comfortable and confident that their purchases are working for the greater good. Andy and Suzy don’t do it for the profits, though, they do it because connecting with people is at their core. Andy figured out his passion for creation when working at his uncle’s jewelry store back in the 70s. Suzy figured out hers while watching her dad. They both take pride in sharing this creation with others.

At IceLink, creating bonds is fundamental. The father-daughter duo represents IceLink as a family. Suzy helps this along with her Instagram feed where she is transparent about both her professional and personal life. They welcome customers and even Suzy’s Instagram followers in the same way: with love. They’ll continue to do business just as they have been, with a creative passion, and a desire for community.

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