Venture Capitalism Can Be A Catalyst For Entrepreneurs To Grow Their Business Says Break Out VC David Weisburd

Securing funding to scale or start a business is one of the hardest initial challenges facing any business owner. Having been involved in several startups, David Weisburd understands the financial struggles business owners face intimately. After founding two successful startups, David decided to lend his hand in helping the next generation of startup entrepreneurs achieve success in the marketplace.

As the Head of Venure Capital at 10X Capital, David seeks to invest in the very top startups. Along with his team, 10X Capital’s mission is to invest across the capital structure alongside the world’s top investors, including 8VC, Andreessen Horowitz, Bullpen, Founders Fund, and Sequoia. “The main mental predisposition you need as an entrepreneur is to be resilient. Many things are unknown when you start a business but there is only one certainty, and that is that starting a company is an exercise in organized chaos,” says David Weisburd.

When trying to start your own startup, David says you should expect to get knocked down many times. He recalls that almost all the startups he’s invested in have gone through at least one existential crisis particularly at the early stages. By hiring the best people, even if it is costly in terms of capital and equity, will yield significant returns in the long run. “Starting a business should be looked at as a skill set that you can apply to future businesses” Weisburd says.

David and his team are focused on building one of the best venture capital firms available with 10X Capital. 10X Capital wants to help the next generation of companies accomplish product market fit and dominance within their market “success means reaching another milestone… These milestones also help unlock significant value in the company and increase the valuation of the company,” says David Weisburd.

For David, the two biggest challenges businesses can face are lack of funding and lack of talent. 10X Capital helps to address the funding through its equity investments and the recruiting challenges through its proprietary internal recruiting network.

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