Meet Nebo Bandovic: A Man Living the American Dream As An Expert Real Estate Investor And Mentor

Nebo Bandovic knows how to build the life of his dreams from nothing. As an immigrant from Yugoslavia, he came to the US in 1985 to play professional soccer with less than $10 in his pocket. As someone who didn’t even speak English, Nebo was able to find financial freedom through real estate investing and brokerage with over 700 agents. Today he lives out the American Dream in one of the most luxurious parts of Miami Beach. He also has a mentorship where he teaches others his secrets to financial freedom.

Professional soccer may have given Nebo a name, but real estate made his dreams come true. He started out playing soccer in Red Star Belgrade before coming to St. Louis to join the Steamers. Whether Nebo was playing soccer or investing in real estate, he’s always been the best. He went from being a star player on the Steamers, to a leading scorer on the Hot Shots, and an MVP for an all-star game in 1996 in Portland. Now, he shares his success in real estate and brokerage through his mentorship. During his time playing indoor soccer in St. Louis, he met an investor who eventually became his mentor. Learning about real estate investing strategies changed his life forever. He saw the potential for passive income and financial freedom. Nebo found his mentor’s lifestyle intriguing and was motivated to find this life for himself. “I don’t know if there is anyone who has a story like mine. Coming in with no English, to play pro soccer and I was one of the best soccer players…Then a successful real estate  investor and broker,” he says.

Nebo knows that your mindset is extremely important when trying to obtain financial freedom. Competition, fear of failure, and financial challenges will always exist. But he doesn’t fear any of these. Instead, Nebo uses them as motivation to succeed. His motivation drove him to extend his services beyond real estate investment to include brokerage and mentoring, as well. He knows that without motivation and drive, you’ll never reach your goals. “Don’t be scared to take risks, work hard, don’t give up, attack and solve the problems,” he says.

Even when the real estate market has experienced its low points, Nebo has figured out how to come out on top. Even now, his brokerage works with over 600 agents, and he plans to expand it to over 1000. He sets himself apart because he offers his agents 100% commission and an investor friendly brokerage. Nebo also brings a unique perspective to his mentorship as an immigrant without a traditional American education who found success in real estate.

What’s next for Nebo? He is going to completely blow up his social media presence. You can learn more about Nebo’s journey by following him on Instagram @nebobandovic.

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