Austin Cahoon Shares How Being Son to the 49ers’ Manager Brought Him Good Fortune

Born into a family of sports lovers and diehard football fans, falling in love with sports was easy for Austin Cahoon. For the first thirteen years of Cahoon’s life, his father was a manager for Eddie DeBartolo and the 49ers. This, of course, greatly influenced the whole family and Cahoon’s career choice. The ability of sports to bring different people of different backgrounds and ages together was exciting for Cahoon. Little did he know that sports, introduced to him early by his father,  would bring him a fortune. His family’s love for sports is one thing that kept them united. Austin Cahoon is the founder of ACEmpires, a sports betting company.

Following graduation from high school, Cahoon entered the oil industry, where he worked for some time before being exposed to sports betting. Soon into betting, Cahoon realized that uninformed betting didn’t go very well for him and many others. So he made it a duty to immerse himself in the data and statistics side of betting. This was how he started building systems to yield profits through sports betting. 

Even Cahoon acknowledges that getting where he is today wasn’t a bed of roses. His journey was not without setbacks and blunders. Soon, his original $500 had grown to tens of thousands of dollars and was a reliable source of income. At that very moment, the thought of Las Vegas convinced him to uproot his life. Cahoon spent his time in Las Vegas researching the potential advantages of sports betting. He eventually amassed a fortune through gambling, which he used to invest in the stock market, cryptocurrency, and real estate. Furthermore, he was motivated by his sporting achievements to develop a plan to help others increase their wealth through investment.

One thing that distinguishes Cahoon from his competitors is his relationship with clients and the one-of-a-kind experience he offers them. In the betting world, many online consultants care about one thing: grabbing money from anyone and everyone. They’ll falsify anything to get it and don’t seem to give much thought to helping people find the success they are selling. Cahoon values honesty and transparency. Hence, he begins his process with his customers with those two virtues and provides them with services beyond their expectations. He believes that his clients’ wins are a reflection of his own success, and so are their losses. Therefore, he does everything within his power to make them win. With confidence, Cahoon said, “there’s always the select few that don’t like you, but 9 of 10 people would tell you that I treated them right, and that’s how I want to be known.”

Although most people consider Cahoon successful, he doesn’t think so of himself. He said, “I am still working on being successful, though it’s something that I hear associated with certain things I’ve accomplished. If I tell myself that I have succeeded, I feel like I won’t continue to push the limits of what is still possible in my lifetime.”  

The young CEO has several projects lined up for the future. They include digital collectibles, a platform for up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and education. For Austin Cahoon, sports betting will always be something he is working on and improving. Still, much of what’s in the future revolves more around helping others achieve higher levels of success and helping them build a platform to impact as many people as possible. His advice for those trying to start a business is to have a great mindset, ignore doubt, and don’t entertain distractions that would make you lose focus. He says success comes with risks. So to succeed, you should be bold enough to take them and learn from your lessons if and when you fail. For more information about Cahoon and his business, follow him on Instagram at @acempires.


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