Veronica Figueroa Paves the Way in Real Estate with Her Unstoppable Leadership

As a young child, Veronica Figueroa watched her mother start a business. Her mother was a strong leader and involved other women as often as possible to lead with her. Veronica Figueroa knew she wanted to create opportunities for women just as her mother did.

And she’s succeeding at just that. Veronica Figueroa is the team lead of a nationally recognized real estate team, the Fig Team. She is on the Zillow Advisory Board and has been named Inman Influencer. Her team totaled over 350 million dollars in sales in 2021. Figueroa is following in her mother’s footsteps of becoming a strong leader, and she has also already created opportunities for other women to rise into leadership roles.

Figueroa’s team is made up of over 50 people, many of whom are women. “I am a huge advocate for women in leadership and diversity. I have always gone against the status quo and dared to think differently.” Figueroa said. Aside from leading a team of real estate agents, Veronica Figueroa also coaches and mentors. “My passion [is] to help others and follow my mother’s footsteps in making a difference.” Figueroa said when asked why she started her business. She’s creating opportunities for women on her real estate team but through coaching and mentoring, she can help so many more.

Veronica Figueroa isn’t just helping women, either. She’s paving the way for so many in real estate. “I have won major real estate industry awards and continue to be sought after as an industry leader and thought expert. My success has allowed me to grow into an international speaker as a subject matter expert on real estate teams, online lead generation, consumer experience, and the real estate future.” Figueroa said. She’s putting her expertise to work by working on a book and she’ll also be launching real estate courses soon.

Most importantly, her expertise is something clients benefit from. She is a thoughtful leader for a big team that serves central Florida. “We understand that consumers deserve more than just an agent, they deserve an experience when buying or selling a home that is customized and with the power of a team, consumers receive the very best service.” Figueroa said. Simply put, it’s better to have a team behind your real estate transaction rather than just one agent.

The Fig Team and central Florida are lucky to have Veronica Figueroa. She’s driven to lead; she’s driven to create opportunities for both her real estate agents and her clients alike. She’ll continue to climb the ladder of success, too. “I pride myself in being my most authentic self. I am a strategic visionary always playing offense and [I’m] obsessed with the journey of self-improvement and mastering focus. Since I don’t focus on the competition… I am only focused on myself being my competition.” Figueroa said.

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