The Inspiring Story of Realtor Tyler Hogan

Every great entrepreneur throughout history has one thing in common. A phenomenal story about their beginnings, often leading to inspirational lessons of humble beginnings, hard work, and innovation. The story of thriving realtor Tyler Hogan is no different.

Tyler Hogan distinctively began his career by working at a tech company. Having gone to college on a full-ride scholarship playing division 2 football, Tyler acquired a master’s degree in Business Administration, Tyler spent the beginnings of his professional life selling real estate software to some of the top real estate agents in the country on how to build their businesses. Feeling like he could also take up the profession of real estate successfully, Tyler decided he would dive headfirst into that hunch and quit his tech job, with the ambitious intention of developing his own real estate firm using the knowledge he gained from the product he sold at his previous job.

However, Tyler’s first steps into his entrepreneurial journey did not begin without its difficulties. Having to start a business from scratch, and now producing no income, Tyler was forced to mow local lawns on the side to support his real estate ventures, while also having to build his new business from a Starbucks lobby when working.” The biggest obstacle I have overcome was transitioning from an employee to an employer. Building a business from a Starbucks lobby with very little capital while understanding that there was no floor or ceiling for my income. If I didn’t produce, I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills” Tyler explains.

Successfully overcoming these challenges, Tyler was able to start building the bulk of his firm in a very short amount of time. Tyler describes his first 12 months in real estate “. My first year in business I made over 6 figures in profit. I sold 5+ Million in Real Estate and processed 45 luxury leases. I’m in my second year and am on track to double those numbers”. 

Tyler Hogan is a shining example of the fact that no matter the circumstances or how far one may be in another field or industry, anything can become possible, and success can be reached in a number of unlikely ways. Starting from a Starbucks lobby, and making it to a 22nd-floor high-rise, Tyler’s booming growth proves that real inspiration can be found in the most determined and innovative of individuals that decide to take the leap to entrepreneurship.

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