Pam Sowder, Business Optimist, Shows Others What it Takes to Make it on the Entrepreneurial Journey

Pam Sowder is of the thought that “It’s the journey that counts, not the arrival.” It’s a cliched saying, but the truth of it is still very real. Pam Sowder takes entrepreneurship to the next level. She does it by focusing on the here and the now. 

She’s an optimist. “Have fun. Laugh every day. Feel as though you are not working towards a goal but towards a life that is fulfilled every single day,” Sowder says. Pam Sowder practices what she preaches; she wouldn’t be where she is if she didn’t. Sowder is the founder of It Works! – an almost billion-dollar networking company. She’s the host of the Pam Sowder Podcast which she established in 2018 and recently released her first book, Rich Girl Poor Girl

Rich Girl Poor Girl showcases Sowder’s story: “[Rich Girl Poor Girl is] about the poverty mentality that we all have, the mentality that we are less than. The goal is to rise up out of that poor girl mentality and step into your power and become that rich girl who has that fulfilling life of friendships, fun, and freedom. I explain the journey and what that looks like—the obstacles, everything.” Sowder says about her book. 

Sowder got into business because like most people, she wanted to make her own working hours, spend more time with family, and have the ability to do what she wants when she wants. However, it’s not easy. Success is deceiving when you see someone like Pam Sowder, but she’s been working on her success story for over 30 years, and it’s never really over. It’s not necessarily the money but the continuous growth and development that makes entrepreneurship or creating your own business so worth it, but often people never take the first step: action. 

“I would travel event to event and I would ask leaders how they got their big paycheck, how do you have this big team, how, how, how, and they would say ‘well I just did it, I got jazzed about it, I got juiced about it,’ but I said there’s got to be more! Where’s the meat to this? I struggled for years with what the answer to that question was and I soon discovered that the how takes care of itself.” Pam Sowder says.

It’s a scary thought for most of us: beginning a business endeavor, or taking that first step toward a goal because we often don’t know enough about that first step, but it’s an integral piece of creating your success. Pam Sowder puts it plainly: “Is ‘the how’ important if you haven’t taken action? Yes, but the most important thing is to just start – become a professional ‘asker’, and decide that ‘I’m going to build this business, and I don’t know how.” Sowder says.

This is just a piece of the kind of wisdom Pam Sowder shares with the thousands of women who look to her as a guide. She has over 200K followers on Instagram and shares her stories and advice with thousands more on her podcast. Her daughter, Kaye Dixon has also taken to her mother’s wisdom. She partnered with her mother on a project in the fashion industry. Together, they are creating “an app and website-based business that allows this industry to connect and to speed up access to new lines as well as give them the necessary tools to scale their business to tremendous heights,” Pam Sowder says. 

Pam Sowder will continue on her journey, but her main focus is always to use her experience as a means to help others take action. “In today’s world, this is such a great opportunity to work from home and create the lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of,” she says.

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