Elvis Justice Bedi Bridges Simplicity to Complex International Trading

Elvis Justice Bedi– a simple young guy, who has made big, complex moves. He’s out to change people’s lives, and he’s doing it in more ways than one. 

Elvis Bedi is a serial entrepreneur and trading guru. He specializes in international trading–a field that many steer clear from. It’s a complex field. There are additional factors to consider like exchange rates, an increase in volatility, politics, and fraud. Elvis has what it takes to navigate the foreign markets. He knows it so well that he established a successful trading school–Serendipity Trading Academy. 

Serendipity Trading Academy boasts as the #1 digital trading academy. Elvis Justice Bedi is determined to teach others at his school. He helps people understand the potential of the internet, and how to make money online–the thing everyone wants to do in a post-COVID era. Millennials and younger generations are obsessed with the concept of financial freedom, and strive to reach it by any means necessary. Elvis Bedi is teaching them about cryptocurrencies, forex, indices, bonds, and stocks. 

Elvis is in this field because he wants to help people. He’s a med student and medic at one of the finest schools in Europe, the Siberian State Medical University. His motivation is inspired by what others need. He got involved in the international trading business because he knew there was a demand for it. “There was a lot to share. Establishing the academy was one way of satisfying the mass.” Elvis said. 

Elvis Justice Bedi is on the rise. He continues to focus on the academy, offering 7 different classes. With other teachers at the academy, he has taught over 700 people already. His goals, of course, are aligned with helping others. He hopes to build a school complex in Ghana, serving all ages from nursery age to junior high school age. He wants to build a primary health center in Ghana as well so he can truly have a huge impact. 

Elvis Justice Bedi is helping people invest in a market that has practically been untouched by the average investor. He’s studying hard so he can get into the medical field. How does he do it all? “I try as much as possible to execute everything with precision and accuracy. My plans [are] at my own pace, and [I do] not create any sort of unnecessary pressure for myself.” Evis said. 

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