Darik Alexander Launches Has Created A Simple & Effective Way to Help New Entrepreneurs Win Online

Darik Alexander has spent the past seven years of his life immersed in online marketing. Whether through his ventures in the foreign exchange market or while building out his newly released “Project 600,” Darik has lived and breathed the world of online commerce, first as an entrepreneur and now as a seasoned online business veteran. Yet Darik’s path to entrepreneurial success was studded with obstacles and pitfalls, as the young businessman learned to make his way in the high-speed world of forex trading.

Now a full-time entrepreneur, Darik decided to start his own business while still in college. “I was still 20, but I realized how important it was for marketers to learn how to dominate the online space,” he explains. “This wasn’t only not taught in school… it was essentially nonexistent. I knew that if I could master scaling businesses online using digital marketing and social media, that I could separate myself from the rest of the competition.”

Darik soon dropped out of college to pursue his first business venture, eventually pulling in more than $50 million in gross revenue. His first attempt at entrepreneurship, however, proved very challenging. After sleeping on his friend’s couch for a few months, Darik decided that a smarter approach was needed to forex investing; an approach that leveraged the digital tools that his classes had so often ignored.

With this inspiration in mind, Darik created the Market Hackers group, a combination of forex experts and marketers who would work together to tap the vast amount of data available on forex trading and leverage it to their advantage. “We quickly understood the advantages of partnering with trading software companies that had experience in both forex and AI,” Darik recounts. “One such forex technology is Alexander, an advanced AI software that allows users to identify and take advantage of emerging market trends.”

The partnerships created within the Master Hackers group have since spawned such tools as Ainstein and Airis; each of which leverages the power of AI to power online commerce and marketing. Ainstein, for example, is the international counterpart of Alexander, while Airis functions as an add-on component of Alexander and Ainstein that uses AI and pattern-recognition technology to alert users when potential market breakouts may be forming. 

“I take pride in the fact that our technologies are created by coders who at the same time have a deep understanding of the foreign exchange markets and a precise idea of how to design technology that leverages the data generated through forex trades,” Darik explains. “The symbiosis created between the tech-side and market-side of Master Hackers has produced some of the most successful tools in the business, allowing countless others to generate serious revenues of their own.”

Darik’s entrepreneurial ventures are far from over, however, as he looks to share his expertise with other self-starters through his Project 600. Available only to members of the Master Hackers inner circle, Project 600 represents the sum of Darik’s years of experience honing his businesses’ technology and sales techniques. Participants learn the secrets to Darik’s marketing success, starting small and learning to effectively scale up their businesses into a source of real, sustainable income.

“The goal of Project 600,” Darik shares, “is NOT to make people millionaires overnight. At first, it is teaching them just how to make $600 a month, so that entrepreneurs can get real results from online business before scaling it up to a real revenue source. I teach participants how to hone their sales psychology, sales scripts, and how to build their own custom sales funnels that convert. I also help them produce infographics and immersive how-to videos, create engaging Facebook auto-responders and build their company’s presence and ad revenue through social media.”

By teaching new entrepreneurs to scale over time, building their skills as they go, Darik hopes to help his partners create a sustainable business model that will stand the test of time. Earning passive income online may seem too good to be true for many, but by taking the time to turn $600 per month into $6,000 and then $60,000, the next generation of entrepreneurs can take advantage of their generations’ innate understanding of technology to build their own businesses and escape the nine-to-five grind.

When asked what advice he would give to young entrepreneurs, Darik’s response keeps in-line with his own business mindset: “Don’t focus on the fruit. Everyone wants to reap the benefits of a scaled business, but no one wants to do the work. Rather than focusing on the fruit, fall in love with the process of watering the tree. Fall in love with the work and the fruit will come naturally.”

As beautiful of a metaphor as Darik’s tree is, this model of slow-but-steady scaling has paid off time and time again. By truly learning the process of online business through programs like Darik’s Project 600, young entrepreneurs can do more than just dream; they can actually take the first steps towards financial independence. Whether you’re trying to hone your online business skills or are just learning the ropes, Darik’s Project 600 teaches you to scale your business like a pro. Plus, as Darik shares, for Master Hackers’ inner circle Project 600 is entirely free.

You can follow Darik Alexander on Twitter and Instagram. You can also contact Darik for exclusive access to Master Hackers through text at (425) 829 3391 or by sending an email to darikalexander56@gmail.com.

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