Tina Sadri Discovering a Purpose in Life Through Mentoring the Youth

Inner beauty and inner peace are important aspects of the human experience. They are often affected by people’s past experiences and traumas and inhibited when inner healing is neglected. Tina Sadri promotes a balanced view of lifestyles to the youth, cohesively combining the joy of gratifying external experiences with the necessary inner work.

Tina Sadri enjoys helping people. It is at the core of her life’s purpose. She started out as a psychotherapist, wanting to help people do the work needed to overcome their life experiences and past traumas, revealing the best version of themselves. Her struggle with postpartum depression was a catalyst, inspiring her to reach other people on a larger scale than she could with individual sessions.

Over time, and through her own difficult experiences, Tina learned that there is so much more to feeling whole and fulfilled. She desires to share the path she has walked and help others find themselves, find peace, and be happy with themselves, and with life.

“I promised myself at that point that if I was to come out of this because it was very deep, I would create a blog that talks about living life, and I would put in it all the things that I really love.” The darkness and despair she experienced cultivated a need to harness the good in life and bring it into the spotlight.

Fashion and lifestyle are the foundational themes for Tina and her brand, creating resonance with her audience, which consists of a young, 20s-30s demographic. On the front end, she enraptures them with visual elements that are pleasing to the eye, providing a sense of instant gratification. On the back end, she capitalizes on that opportunity to reach them in a deeper way, helping them learn to navigate the tumultuous waters of life.

Tina Sadri was featured on the cover article for Parenting OC magazine, was named Woman of Style by Riviera Magazine, and has written articles for Wedding Wire. She is in the process of writing a new book that focuses on living a balanced lifestyle, true to her roots, and is working on the release of a new line of sunglasses.

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