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Ever since we got these pro landscaping tips on how to design a gorgeous outdoor space, I’ve been thinking about planting a garden. The bad news is that I live on the third floor of a loft space so I’m basically stuck in daydream mode. For now, my plans are relegated to constantly looking up beautiful gardens on Pinterest.

Luckily for me, I have several friends with big backyard spaces—and I’m hoping they’ll let me live vicariously through their landscaping endeavors. Maybe even help out with some planting? We’ll see. To get my creative juices flowing, I spent a few hours scrolling and pinning beautiful gardens on Pinterest. Needless to say, my inspiration files are full. I now have pages and pages of garden décor and design saturating my screen—and I’m not mad about it. And while it was hard to choose, these 13 gardens came out on top.

If you’re pulling out your gardening gloves or, like me, keeping your pursuits contained to the digital space, there’s no shortage of inspo to be found. No matter what kind of landscape you’re working with, options abound—each one more gorgeous than the next. So with dreams of future beautiful gardens to come, it’s time to dive into the treasure trove that is (and will always be) Pinterest. Let’s get pinning.

Scroll on for 13 of the most beautiful gardens in the world.

Feature image by Matthew Niemann.

Elegant and Easygoing

We couldn’t help but kick things off with none other than Camille’s beautiful backyard. Our founder and editor-in-chief has worked hard over the past few years to transform her backyard into an area perfectly designed for cooking, eating, gathering, and soaking up the sun. The gravel, stonework, and Mallorca-inspired terrace is all about easygoing and organic design. If you love a Spanish aesthetic, your search for the perfect garden ends here.

Classic Countryside

If you’re a lover of all things renovating and home design, then you’re likely familiar with Cathy Poshusta’s work. Co-founder of Grit and Polish and renovation extraordinaire, Cathy and her husband approach their garden and backyard like they do their gatherings—keeping things simple and streamlined. Their greenery grows wild to create a sense of organic, plentiful abundance. It’s the perfect area for a party or a chill family dinner.

Wild and Whimsical

There’s nothing more romantic than a slightly overgrown, sweet English garden. This little UK hideaway is just an hour from London, but with a natural, slightly wild aesthetic, it feels like a world away.

Tuscan Dreamin’

There’s something undeniably evocative but approachable about the Italian countryside. While we’re all dying to book a trip to Tuscany ASAP, in the meantime, we’ll live vicariously through this gorgeous garden.

An Explorer’s Oasis

Don’t overlook a tropical garden if you find yourself near the sea. This is another great example of how working with plants that are natural to the area can create a unique aesthetic without feeling limited. 

Cottagecore Chic

This magical cottage garden looks like it was dreamed up by someone writing a fantastical children’s book. The overgrown quality gives it a mysterious look, while the colorful flowers keep it cheerful and charming.

Color-Saturated Sanctuary

We love a garden that supports the natural environment with vibrant décor. The pink flowering trees are accented by the bright, beautiful pots and colors that fleck the space.

Teatime Tranquility

Can’t you just see yourself sipping some tea in the midst of this floral oasis? It looks simple at first glance, utilizing straight paths and modest blooms, but upon further inspection, it’s a carefully plotted dream of a garden. The lush white hydrangeas perfectly play up the aesthetic of abundance.

Perfectly Provençal

Nothing says the South of France quite like a lush field of lavender. There’s something so deeply cool about architecturally designed gardens. This one does a great job of having a really clean aesthetic that borders on the formal without being stuffy or boring.

Coastal Cool

We love the weathered look of a pergola supporting an array of bushes and plants. We featured Alex Bates’ Fire Island cottage on the site a few years’ back and still can’t get enough of her garden’s timeless appeal.

Secret Hideaway

A Lady and the Tramp-esque lunch, anyone? We love the balance of structure and freedom the greenery gets in this garden. It’s lush, expansive, and serves as inspiration for anyone looking to update their outdoor space. I could look at images of this magical place for hours and never get bored. It utilizes various kinds of landscape architecture and yet manages to have a cohesive, beautiful aesthetic that truly serves to add to the calming nature of the place.

Rustic Romance

Just imagine the bliss. This standout garden strikes the perfect balance between being neatly manicured while still retaining a bit of aesthetic wildness and wonder. It beautifully blends aspirational and accessible—all in one truly livable space.

Moroccan Magic

We love bringing the outdoors in—and vice-versa, of course. This grand and ornate garden blends with the architecture beautifully, surrounding every visitor in an oasis-like atmosphere.

This post was originally published on April 17, 2018, and has since been updated.


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