JR Michael: “Touch” ing skies and making his name count in both entertainment and business.

JR Michael has proved his mettle and mastery in the artistic realm by being a scriptwriter and filmmaker, but his astute business sense has also won hearts.

Dreaming of creating a flourishing career for oneself and actually going ahead to relentlessly work towards these dreams and turn the same into a beautiful reality are two different things. It is necessary for people to realize why being in the latter category is essential as it will help them go ahead in the path of success and growth and turn them into inspirational success stories for the world to know. Most of these success stories consist of individuals who followed a particular goal and went ahead in achieving the same; however, the ones that stood out were those that desired to better their skills and earn mastery in everything they chose to do in life. Topping the list of one such incredible human being, a tremendous creative talent, and a business personality is Jr Michael.

He is truly “Touch” ing the skies, for he has aced the world of entertainment and business and shown the world that an individual is always more than what he thinks of himself. Writing his heart out and creating stories that could touch people’s hearts became his forte, which is how he became a known scriptwriter beginning his journey in the field in 2007. One of the many compelling scripts that he wrote includes “Power of Six,” a spinoff of a movie web series named “Touch.” As an actor, he has been featured on several hit projects and did extra work in I am Legend, Fighting, Syriana, and Law and Order. The New York Institute of Technology graduate for his love for the art attended workshops at Scott Power’s Studio initially before stepping out as a scriptwriter and later with his school friends even made “Vengeance is Mine,” a much-appreciated independent film that was nominated for the Best Short of the year in 2008. Jr Michael also filmed the movie Touch, and there’s so much scripting that he has done ever since.

Getting into the business space was not something he thought he would do, but since he wanted more channels that could allow him to flow his creativity, he decided to start his sneaker brand “BS Sneaker” (https://www.aliveshoes.com/bloody-sneaker-collection), an authentic Italy-made brand, handcrafting custom shoes, made out of pristine Italian leather, and most importantly with love, with designs that offer comfortability and elegance both. The testimonials his brand has received thus far have taken it much forward in the sneaker markets and have helped Jr Michael attain enormous recognition and name.

Find out more through his Instagram @jr_michael27.

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